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Korra and the Kids

Packing my stuff like…. You will fit god damn it.

When will the Book 4 trailer come out? —It’ll come on as soon as I need to do something. (via korrabook4please)

Next episode is directed by Ben Savage


The writers of Girl Meets World have just revealed that the next episode of Girl, airing September 12, is directed by Ben Savage. The following week’s episode is directed by Rider Strong.


Get excited!

Gah Rider Strong is directing the episode the premieres on my birthday

asksweepyhead replied to your post: I’m writing and I’m trying to find the…


thanks that really helps me out. 

I’m writing and I’m trying to find the best words to describe someone of Indian decent, most specifically their skin tone. The character has a western name but I don’t want her to be confused as someone from Latin American, or African American decent. 

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This was too good not to share. Ignore the odd time stamps, I was time skipping in a game.

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